Life is too short, so enjoy it!

Now that I’ve decided to post to a blog, I should probably mention what I am going to write about. For those of you that know me well, you are aware of my 2 passions… Food and Wine. Although they go together like 2 tasty puzzle pieces, my reasons for the admiration of the two might differ from the average F&W lover.

Since childhood, I have always been interested in food. Growing up in an Indian household made me curious about many different cuisines. Comfort food to me can mean so many things. But when I think comfort, I think childhood… so I am drawn back to my favorite dishes that mom cooked. So although I have a soft spot for Mom’s traditional Gujrati cooking, I find myself intrigued with the flavors, colors, and styles of food around the world. I like to focus on local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients in most of my cooking. Five years in San Francisco and a wealth of farmers markets in a 5 mile radius will spoil you… but Jersey crops are definitely competing well these days!

My interest in wine came much later in life. I am learning so much every day about the wine business. But what interests me most is how one grape can taste so differently depending on the region that it is grown in. Essentially, terroir. Terroir is the French word used to denote characteristics of a specific geography: the soil, climate, farming techniques, etc that contribute to the quality of a crop. Mind you, I can’t even maintain a basil plant for more than a month – so a green thumb I certainly do not have. But I am deeply interested!

Working as a personal chef for several SF and NJ based clients through the years has allowed me to experiment with so many different flavors and textures. I brought this knowledge to 56 Degree Wine, where I’ve been an associate for the past two and a half years. These are the best jobs in the world… I actually get to talk about food and wine all day long. And it tastes good too! :)

Many posts will be focused around my meals with my family and friends. And many will highlight my weekly educational status update at the wine shop (the guys I work with are geniuses in the wine industry and are so great about imparting their knowledge to me!) But the experiences that I will be most excited to write about will be when my two passions are merged. The ultimate food and wine epiphany. I’ve had several in the past months thanks to the awesome people in my life.

Who said this… “Life is too short to eat fast food and drink cheap wine.” Not sure but I have a feeling he/she inspired me in a previous life… :)

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