Summer Supper 2010

So, what do you get when you combine efforts with your brother and sister in law for a LAST MINUTE evening of grilling? Try it, because when I did, I experienced the BEST MEAL of the SUMMER thus far!

It was 10am on a random Saturday, and we decided on a last minute dinner at Jigna and Piyush’s place. I can’t take much credit for what I’m about to describe, as what was supposed to be a “simple” meal (said Jigna) turned into such a grande affaire! I had a couple pork tenderloins in the fridge and marinated them in a savory “herb-y” marinade that was balanced with a splash of sherry vinegar, a drizzle of honey, and just enough soy for the umami effect. I still had some sour cherries that I froze after my trip to the market a few weeks ago, so with sous chef Maya’s help, made a sour cherry gastrique. The pork marinade was reduced into a sauce with loads of depth which accompanied the grilled protein, but a dollop of the gastrique reminded us of summer’s bounty and brought balance to the main course. That was my contribution.

We started the evening with an elegant and lovely rendition of Summer Bruschetta. Perfectly diced tomatoes, a chiffonade of basil, and a smidge of garlic (with the additions of balsamic and olive oil) topped grilled pieces of baguette and satisfied everyone’s craving for a hearty appetizer. A very balanced and seasonal blueberry mojito accompanied the appetizers – fresh blueberries, ginger simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, and RUM… YUM. One was enough for me though. As I have experienced in the past, if I want to enjoy a cocktail, consume but only ONE! ;)

Next was the salad… We harvested some greens from the garden just moments before assembling the salad. Fresh, gourmet lettuces created the bed for this course. This was topped with grilled peppers, grilled red onions, and Italian sausage slices. Atop this was slices of fresh figs and sprinkled goat cheese. This was probably the most savory and flavorful salad I have EVER consumed.  The best part? Leftovers go well on a pizza the next day. YUM.

The pork tenderloin was the entree but the sides were the stars at this dinner party! Succulently sweet corn, cut off the cob, with literally “tons of herbs” folded in. Basil, parsley, and dill were amongst the many that were showcased. A unique take on potato salad was served – grilled red bliss potatoes with red onions, capers, and whole grain mustard. SOOO savory, and such a perfect match to the complimentary flavors of the pork and the corn. The entire meal was something out of a magazine; which is why I had to blog about it today!

We ended our meal with brown sugar glazed grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream (with a blackberry sauce.)

P&J…. Thank you so much for this feast fit for a king! We truly enjoyed (and appreciated) the entire experience, and look forward to many more in the future! CHEERS to my Bhai and BB! ;) xoxoxoxo

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