Family Chat

Some of these will seem funny to you, and some won’t make any sense at all – but all of these moments made an impression on me!

1. My dad to me… “Beta, I Eat to Live… YOU Live to Eat. That’s why I can’t tell you if this soup is missing anything.” (Beta is a term of endearment usually used by your elders addressing you as “honey or sweety.”)

2. Kayla on the phone to Maya who was visiting her friend in Maryland for a week… “Hi Maya didi… I miss playing with you, and can’t wait to see you this weekend. I loooove you!”

3. Maya to me after Kayla just said the words above (and voice crackling a little)… “My heart hurts.”

4. Maya to me at Origins Restaurant earlier this summer. I asked her to stick her nose into my glass of wine and tell me what she smelled… “Mommy, ewww. Why does this wine smell like gasoline?” It was a young Riesling! :)

5. Manish to me during our Fingerlakes trip, and Piyush agreeing… “Nita you really need to WATCH your face.” (Apparently, I spent the weekend making “faces” whenever I didn’t like a wine that I tasted)

6. Kayla to me when we first told her we were going to Disneyworld… “Oooh – when we get there, can I knock on King Triton’s door and ask if I can play with Ariel in her room!?” No Joke.

7. Kayla to me – and funny enough, Maya said something very similar when she was Kayla’s age… “Mommy, you’re the best cooker ever.” So I responded “Thank you honey, what’s your favorite dish that I make for you?” Her response… “Cereal!”

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