“Crushing” on a different hue of wine…

There’s something about ROSE’ season that puts a little bounce to my step and a slight sparkle in my eye. Maybe it’s the warm weather, the sunny skies, and the al fresco meals…. Whatever the reason, Rose’ makes me happy.

Every year as the winter months come to an end, we get the calls from distributors giving us the lists of the upcoming rose wines in their portfolios. And the launch is usually anywhere from end of March to early May. Some of the featured pinks last merely months due to low supply, while others will grace our racks until the new year.

I’m not one to say goodbye to the pink nectar once the Fall hits. No, I actually drink Rose’ all year round. I am a firm believer that rose (from a solid producer) is meant to pair well with foods (and moments!) in any season. After all, this is the juice of RED grapes with limited skin contact… You know the sayings – “yes way rose’,” “rose everyday,” “drink pink…” The list is endless.

Late this past Spring, I experienced a surprising “whoa!” moment with a wine that has a slightly different hue. It isn’t white… it isn’t red…. it isn’t pink. It’s ORANGE. Yes, you read that correctly – this copper-hued gem possesses all the qualities of a mineral driven and vibrant white, but with more texture and structure, making it a serious wine with flair! Instead of using red grapes with limited skin contact, this wine is made from a tradition white grape varietal. While versatile for all seasons, the hue screams “FALL” and it’s the perfect pour for a crisp autumn evening.

Di Lenardo Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio Ramato Gossip 2017 – Massimo Di Lenardo is extremely well respected in Friuli and produces benchmark wines at an affordable price. Since 1987, Massimo has made wines exclusively from his own hand harvested vineyards. The Pinot Grigio grape is naturally a “grey colored” berry, and Massimo wanted to showcase the diversity of it by making different styles of the wine. The “GOSSIP” Pinot Grigio exhibits a light copper color with bright clarity due to the 18 hours of skin maceration.  Light wild berries, dried rose petal, and marzipan contribute to a beautiful balance of robust fruit and crisp acidity on the palate. The next time you reach out to grab that bottle of pink or white, adjust your focus on this beautiful bottle of orange wine.

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