My Sherry Revolution

I’m not an “in”experienced Sherry drinker… I just haven’t experienced Sherry for all it has to offer… until recently.

I did know that “true” Sherry is always from Jerez, in Southwest Spain… but who knew that a nice light fino or briny Manzanilla could easily take the place of that Muscadet I had on reserve to go with my oysters on a half shell? Or that a nutty Amontillado or for that matter, an often more scarce Palo Cortado, could pair just as well as an off-dry Vouvray with my chicken Biryani!?

Sherry Tasting at Murray's Cheese - Kerin's a great teacher!

Recently, Manish and I participated in a Sherry and cheese pairing class at Murray’s Cheese Shop and literally opened our eyes to the world of Sherry! Kerin Auth was the moderator extraordinaire as she knows everything there is to know about Jerez! Her exclusively Spanish wine shop, Tinto Fino, has the best inventory of Sherry available on the east coast!

My favorite from the tasting was the Valdespino Contrabandista Amontillado – Mostly palomino fino with a touch of pedro jiminez grapes… chalky soils… average aging is ten years… nutty, toffee-sweet tones with great acidity! (Available at Tinto Fino)

And here is one that both Manish and I are loving right now… The La Bota de Palo Cortado #34 – Palo Cortado is a style of Sherry that offers the best of “both worlds…” the elegance of amontillado with the power and structure of the oloroso! Rare and delicious!

Amazing Sherry - nutty, oxidative, all the while possessing fresh citrus qualities too... Fabulous!

We at 56 just started carrying some noteworthy Sherry (La Bota 34 being one of them) and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time that the trend will catch on. So, although I may be 2 and a half months late to participate in Sherry Week (NYC hosted many events at the end of October honoring Sherry at each and every one,) please join me in MY Sherry Revolution. Not trying to be political or controversial – just trying to open people’s eyes and palates to Sherry as an alternative to your every day wine pairing… Try it, you’ll thank me 🙂

Goodbye 2012… A May-December Recap

I lied. I promised to be more diligent about updating my blog and posting several times a month. And I didn’t adhere to that promise.

For the 3 followers that I may still have, I apologize. But I do have some very noteworthy experiences to document… So here is a very quick recap of some of my favorites from the months of May through December…

We traveled quite a bit in these few months – local family getaways and overseasadventures! Some of my favorite shots…

Watching the Sunset from our backyard in Greensboro, Vermont
Being part of a close friend's very special WHITE party in Michigan
Hiking in the Poconos with family
A gorgeous view in Getarria, Spain - at Bodega Ameztoi overlooking Bodega Txomin Extaniz
A unique shot of "Maman" at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain

We ate a lot too! Visited the likes of Il Buco in NYC, Ryland Inn in Whitehouse, NJ, Claire’s in Hardwick, VT, A Toute Huerre in Cranford, NJ, and La Vara in Brooklyn… Here are a few photos that made the cut – most of these are taken in Spain…

Nantucket Bay Scallops with Sunchokes three ways and a green coconut sauce at Ryland Inn
Mixed Heirloom Beet Salad with Goat cheese and Chocolate at Ryland Inn
A "risotto" style dish where you start with this structured rice encased in a dried tomato strip, with a poached egg (yolk taken out and pumpkin puree magically took its place) all mixed together... YUM! At Al Fuego Negro in San Sebastian, Spain
Very fresh fish in Getarria - this is Anglar fish at Asador Astillero, Getarria, Spain
A very surprisingly refreshing "pre dessert" - avocado mousse, coconut ice cream, and liquid nitrogen frozen grapefruit "kernels" at Nerua at Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain
Sometimes simple is the most extravagant thing on the plate... This was dessert at the Guggenheim - a chocolate slab (notice the granule of grey salt on the corners 🙂
Foie at Al Fuego - it was as delicious as it is beautiful

Can’t forget about all of the wonderful libations and pairings… everything from hand crafted Gin from a Beekeeper I now call a friend, to some fabulously oxidative styles of vino that I have grown to love… Here are some favorites!

Amazing Sherry - nutty, oxidative, all the while possessing fresh citrus qualities too... Fabulous!

Lopez de Heredia's whites - when tasted blind, it's been said that most people think they are drinking red...

Todd Hardie of Caledonia Spirits is the creator of these fabulous spirits – all made from or with his raw honey! -Caledonia Spirits, Hardwick, VT
1989 Vina Rionda - Oddero Barolo - Consumed at my birthday celebration at Il Buco thanks to JB!
We were one of the lucky people to be at dinner with friends of friends that brought this! Absolutely divine. We tasted much newer vintages in Spain.
One of my favorite additions to our Italian wall at the shop - The Ruche is full of geranium leaves on the nose, and spiced red fruit on the palate. I love it!
Sherry Tasting at Murray's Cheese - Kerin's a great teacher!
Lopez's reds